Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Breath at the time!

Dear lovely people!

Well its been awhile since I posted some notes; I hope you have enjoyed the videos. My friend Josiah has done the Episode series and Chris "The Block" Bloch did the climbing; I'm so thankful for everything that has happened in the past few weeks. It seems like everything is falling into place and I'm getting closer every breath I take.

Its been 6 and half weeks since I've been on the waiting list and about 5 weeks since I've been homebound. I have been working from home and just staying put for the most part; as you've seen in the videos I've been trying to stay busy and physically strong as well as doing a bit of art for the zazzle store.

At the moment I'm not looking as much as the stud I used to be...but let's just say that given the circumstances being able to stand on my 2 feet is quite a great accomplishment; notwithstanding I'm still making my meals, taking showers, etc all in a kind of slow motion but efficiently.

My dear friend Bruce Cornell a special sponsored athlete from MHW, the company I work for, dropped one of his fancy wheelchairs for me this week. Now let me explain; I'm still able to walk and move around but long distances are definitely a big task so having someone pushing me around if I need to or want to go out is the way to go; I can actually enjoy myself more rather than getting all worked out trying to catch my breath. I had the chance to go out twice this week. These were by no means leisure outings - on Monday, courtesy of Mr. Bloch, I went to get some blood drawn for the Inmunogenetics lab for UCSF, this is for tissue matching...and yesterday, courtesy of my brother Juan, I went to get a bone density scan which is also part of my exams for lung transplant. In all it was great to be out although this didn't go without great physical effort. I have to say that while its been hard adjusting myself to living in this condition I don't complain; I feel it's a waste of time and I'd rather focus on affirmations towards my goal; it was hella fun to be out.

A few days back Heather called my transplant coordinator to check in and jokingly mentioned that we were going to start checking into E-bay for some lungs....she laughed and said don't do that yet. She mentioned that they were getting busy and that a few transplants had been done in the past 2 weeks and that probably I was very close. Again there are a few factors such as size, blood match and quality so.....but I won't deny I'm hoping it comes soon!!!

Anyhow please stay in touch, buy some shirts for the holidays and let friends know how cool they are...and come to the climbing comp/party Nov. 1 at Ironworks in Berkeley. Much love to everyone out there.

Peace, Rowan