Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life's a Beach: 15 Days Post-Transplant by Chris Bloch


ettamommy said...

Yee hah!!!! I am cheering and laughing and crying and celebrating! It is so incredibly wonderful to see the Rowan I know and love. Besos!

Nanna Wanda said...

This is so fricking wonderful!!!!! Just to see you walking, talking, laughing and BREATHING!!

I am thrilled with medical science and so HAPPY for you and Heather and Kaya!!!!

You all deserve this and I am grateful for the powers that be for shining on you!

Love Nanna Wanda

Stef said...

We are so happy for you Rowan!
Welcome back.
See you at the Comp.
Love Stef Zoe and Thomas

Atest said...

Dear Rowan

I was surfing and found your videos on you tube then searched your name and visited your website.

I am so HAPPY for you that you received your double lung transplant. :)

Have you heard about TransplantBuddies? We are an online website and your story will bring so much hope to those who are waiting. When you have a chance, please visit us and say hello.

all the best to you and your friends and family
Founder of TransplantBuddies
Double lung transplant survivor!