Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Together at Last!

Dear love ones,

This is one the most amazing moments in my life; together at last. This past weekend I was able to go to the beach with Kaya and Heather, we went to the park, took several walks. It was truly something out this world; I pick up right where I left it about a year ago. I'm so happy.

I know I have not write much about what went on after the call on Sept 14th but believe me that I will; there's just a lot to put together but I wil make sure I share this with you soon. Thanks for the support and love. Also don't forget about the Full capacity comp Nov. 1st at Iron Works; its going to be off the hook!!!!!

Feeling like a Pamplona bull!!

One love, Rowan, Heather and Kaya

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Vincent Leddy PT said...

Hey Rowan, great to see you up on your feet my friend!