Monday, December 8, 2008

Full Lung Capacity

Dear Love Ones,

Words can not convey a feeling when as powerful as the one I'm currently experiencing. All through out this journey I have been able to touch so many lives as well as the lives that have come to touch mine alike. My journey has been an incredible vehicle for awareness of goodness in this amazing community I'm so honor to be part of. From day one people came from so many places and with so much support it is just incredible to say the least.

The two main fundraiser; The full lung Capacity Comp at Iron Works(The Melvin Gang, you guys are amazing) and the Recycle Life Fundraiser at Pizzaiolo (Charlie everything you touch , you make it good) could not have been better in fact there were egregious and of course they could not have come to reality thanks to the high energy and amazing work of such an incredible committee, you guys rock the house in truly ruckus fashion!

So many people to mane it will be almost unfair just to list a bunch here, you know who you are. From family and friends to people who just happen to come across my blog and became involved just because this journey touch a note they could not disregard; may all our life's keep on rising.

Four key people I want to acknowledge because I really tested their strength to the full extend of human capacity are, my wife Heather to whom I'm for ever grateful to have been sharing my life for the past 15 years and now the endless possibilities that await us. You truly held it together to the core, your man is back so lean on me. I love you so much. My daughter Kaya whose energy, witty personality and love inspired me everyday, Heather we made a good one. My brother Juan Jose who team up with me from day one to bring me back to self and while living in SF played a major roll in my early recovery after surgery. We walked miles and miles and listen to a lot NPR, I love you negrito. Last but not least my dear and best friend Chris Bloch who so unconditionally gave everything he had to give in every spectrum to see me rise.Yo Chris; you're a rock star, you have brought so much happiness to my life and family, we wish to be able to be there for you for the rest of our lives; you are one of us and we love you so much. You are my Dagw; we made it man!!

It is hard to keep it simple when something of this magnitude takes place in someones life; so I will cut this now because I want to keep writing in the year to come and I know there will be so much more to share. I will after next week continue posting where I left regarding my trip to UCSF and all in details for you to revive that with me; so come back after Dec 15Th for another chapter of Catching My Breath! It only get better and better.

Much Love, Rowan


Marty Zelei said...

Dec. 8th, 2008
Rowan, so glad to hear from you. I am glad that the fundraisers went well. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Marty and Monica Zelei
PS.. Any new videos?

Marty Zelei said...

Rowan, this is Monica, Marty's wife. I know our families have really been through it, but you are amazing. You can just see the peace and joy in your face. Even in the Youtube videos you can see it. You are very encouraging to us. It is a miracle how we look at life now that we have been so close to death. You and Marty appear to have many things in common, like how you illnesses made you have to live and the fight you both have. It is cool that total strangers now have this life saving miracle bond of "recycled life". Keep moving forward!