Friday, July 25, 2008

"Breaking News; Any day Now"

Hi Beautiful People,

I had not been writing for a while as my mind was very preoccupied with all kinds of things, mainly the financial aspect of this challenge. Even thou my wife had taken full responsibility of handling all the communications with the bodies involved and addressing the funds I could not separate myself from the fact that this was a crucial aspect of getting listed and so I went into a downward spiral of discouragement and questioning the reality of all possibilities.

Understanding that lack of money could have potentially thwarted the chances of giving someone the opportunity to continue living is a hard concept to grasp; but unfortunately we live in a world where money plays an incredible role in certain freedoms and in this case to be able to financially afford this opportunity.

I want to give thanks to everyone, dear family and friends, who played a role in the past weeks and that somehow held it together for me, you know who you are and G-pops you are the man. I want to specially thank my wife for being such an amazing human being. Until death due us part was too quick too soon and Heather has shown me she was not ready for that and had put herself so out there to fight for our chance to continue living life to the maximum; I'm now more than ever inspired to keep on going. I'm officially listed and any day now I could be called in; it is as exiting as it is scary because this is just half of the battle. Its a beautiful day!

I met yesterday with Dr. Golden and it was thus far the best meeting yet through the whole process; he was so personal and went so carefully through my history he gave me nothing but kudos and busted my confidence. I've learned I dropped some more of my diffuse capacity which is definitely making me move a lot slower than before and therefore I'm also feeling tired as my body struggles to keep up however; I'm still on my feet and believe it or not I have managed to gain some weight; about 7 pounds. I find this to be remarkable and it is my intention to stay this way until I'm called in for transplant. To all of you out there thanks for keeping me inspired and for all you are doing; whether you are e-mailing me once in a while, getting involved with some of the events soon to take place to keep raising funds or just plain being present; believe your every ounce of energy counts and I will be forever grateful.

Peace and Love, Rowan