Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm still Juiced!!!

Hi Beautiful People,

I keep meeting people through the internet; via my blog , facebook and just people I have come across while surfing the net (one of the time killer things I do on the daily). It's really amazing; the stories of some of these people are very invigorating and really inspiring however; at the same time I have come across some pretty sad stories. This situation has at times bring me to the edge of both spectrums and at times takes me to the "what If's".

I won't lie to you; I have some days where experiencing despair is inevitable; I mean no matter how much positive energy I try to focus on and try to generate for my actual reality I do end up coming across the entrance of what I call the black tunnel. This is why I keep a flash light in my hand; that is my spirit. Somehow this brings me back to a safe place a serenity space where I can call all the shots and view my choices. I'm choosing to fight and to stay alive; I'm determined to stay focused and to visualize my future. I'm a husband, a father an artist a climber but most importantly I've always been a dreamer.

I believe that dreams come true when you are focused and invested in your life on making them happen. I'm fully invested, I'm focused and I believe. I feel for some of the sad stories I've read and I'm glad that they bring perspective to my own story not withstanding I guess we are lucky in our very own way. I'm lucky to be here right now and I'm lucky to have the oportunity to regain my life though this experience. I will continue to stay on the same page, taking one day at the time, one breath at a time and one smile at a time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Killing Time!

I like to show you how I'm killing time lately

Let me think about this for a minute....

Alternative use of this device!

But what it really boils down's all in the Mind!

I'm still waiting...I know it has not been long but.....still it sucks!! Thanks for being out there.

Peace and Love, Rowan