Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going the distance!

Hey Lovely people,

I know its been a while but if you could only imagine what life feels when you can take the power back. I've been consume by the simplicity of my everyday chores; breathing and loving my family and of course indulging in every thing I possibly can specially my new healthy being. Its been easier experiencing life on my own skin and sharing it with my love ones than writing about it. I need to write for those who want to know and I will once again continue this challenge. In the mean time here's what's new this month and in celebration of my first year post transplant.

Come with me; I'll take you there!

“After a 3 year hiatus Bay Area’s Latin Alternative Power House OriXa returns Oct
24th (with a new set of lungs, literally!)”

San Francisco Bay Area, - September 23, 2009 - OriXa, one the most sought after Latin Alternative outfits from the Bay Area
and the US returns from a 3 year hiatus, performing live on October 24th at the Elbo Room in San Francisco. The Latin
Ruckus Crew: Juan M. Caipo/drums, Michael Cavaseno/guitar, Charles Gasper/bass and Rowan Jimenez/vocals and
percussion will be unleashing its explosive energy running through songs from the self-titled debut "Orixa", "2012 e.d" and
"Siembra" as well as playing for the first time new songs…with singer Jimenez showcasing a new set of lungs.
The end of 2006 took an unexpected turn for the band when co-founder singer/percussionist Jimenez learned that his autoimmune
condition known as Scleroderma had manifested in his lungs, thrusting him into a battle for his life. Forced to take an
indefinite break, OriXa and Jimenez redirected their attention on finding the clarity, perspective and necessary tools to battle
the situation. With the condition progressing at an alarming pace, in July of 2008, Jimenez was placed on the UCSF
transplant wait list and just 2 months later, on September 15th Jimenez received a bi-lateral lung transplant at UCSF.
The illness and recovery have been a remarkable journey for Jimenez and the band and just one year after the transplant,
Jimenez and the Latin Ruckus Crew are back in full force inspired by a fierce survivalist attitude. If you’re in too deep the only
way to go is deeper. OriXa’s return to the stage is a spectacle not to be missed.

About OriXa

Since the early 90’s OriXa’s relentless presence in the Bay Area music scene had established them as a hard act to follow.
Their unique blend of Rock, Hip-Hop infused Afro Latin grooves and Spanglish flavored lyrics combined with high energy live
performances earned them top reviews and numerous awards.
The group was at the forefront of the Rock en Español movement in the United States along with groups like Pastilla, Maria
Fatal, Volumen Cero ,and one of the first to help breakdown the language barrier in the Bay Area by performing at venues that
did not have a Rock en Español or "Latin" night. The group caught the attention of DJ No Name from the popular Rock Station
Live 105 and was featured on their weekly playlist as well as on Latin Alternative stations across the country and charting on
CMJ for over 15 weeks.
Shortly after the release of 2012e.d in 2001, the songs “2012” and “No Importa” were included on Ark 21/Universal’s CD
compilation Escena Alterlatina along with Los Rabanes, Kinky, Julieta Venegas, among others. In 2005, OriXa’s video/single
"Siembra" received daily rotation on MTVes and a Buzz Worthy nod by the network and was licensed for the ShowTime TV
series “Sleeper Cell”. NPR included Siembra on their 2006 Top 10 list Latin Alternative albums to have next to BajoFondo,
Cafe Tacuba, Caifanes, Manu Chao to name a few. Orixa appeared on LATV, Telemundo, LAMC and supported top Latin
Alternative acts on stage such as Café Tacuba, La Maldita Vecindad, Cypress Hill, Julieta Venegas, Molotov and Jaguares.
Other highlights of OriXa’s decade long career include a California Music Award in 2001 for "Outstanding Latin Album of the
Year" with their previous release “2012 e.d.” as well as an ASCAP Latino award for "Best Independent Band", SF Weekly
“Best International Group”, East Bay Express “Best Rock en Español group”.

Saturday October 24 2009 9:00PM Tickets $10
Orixa with Kapakahi
Elbo Room
647 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110 Ph: 415.552.7788
For more become a fan

Contact: (510 ) 418-6985

Life is short; rock on, Rowan