Friday, May 6, 2011

Catching My Breath/A world Of Fun!!

Yes Its been just over a year from my last entry. I have no excuses other than I have been taken prisoner by life in every form.

You know its quite estrange to feel this way but at the same time there's a felling of normalcy I get when I don't want to do certain things. I have been wanting to write; I sit in my computer and I star making music.

I have been doing so many things and taking so many pictures and videos that I have now a cluster of information waiting to be edited and shown. I do want to share believe me but since I have got into this rhythm after my surgery I really know how fragile life is and how one must not missed any moment to feel so alive.

I won't promise this time I'll be back soon or reveal some of my skims. For now here's some pictures from last year and this one. Its been a mighty good time.

Love, Rowan