Monday, April 21, 2008

Its Going To Be a Long Road

Dear Friends,

I have been going through the evaluation process at UCSF for lung transplant; I have yet to received the OK to be entered in the listings but I'm very hopeful that I will. At this point I have had about 15 different test one of them being a cardiac eco which revealed a bit of pressure in my heart due to the extra work is doing to compensate for my lack of diffuse capacity. It was added to my daily therapy the use of Oxygen 24-7; this was something I kind of new was inevitable.

So far so good I actually feel better; just kind of weird having this cannula in my face at all times but hay it works. Still working and trying to stay super active in any possible way I can without over taxing my body. This its been hard but I'm actually getting better at it. I'm just getting around into the details of some of the fund raisers I like to do and other form of getting all my friends to network with me as I learn more abut all the financial protocols.

I honestly want to thank you all for hanging in there with me. Everyday I get more psyched and I just know even thou its going to be a big kick in my ass that I will come up to the top. I will write more in the days to come and as I get the final results.. I will be be going in for a day exam call a cardiac catheterization, to make sure my heart is in optimum shape which I know it is, this exam is a little more invasive than the eco but a lot more accurate. I'll keep you all posted. Please keep on sending your good vibes and love. Its really working!!

Rock on, Rowan

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Francy Hernandez Crowley said...

I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and I am happy to see you have the best attitute in dealing with the situation you are now faced with. You are an inspiration to me. I bitch and moan and complain about all these insignificant nuances that life places in front of me, and here you are handling this with the grace of a Tiger. Man, you sure put things in perspective for me. Also, I spoke to the band and we are all in agreement in having a Fundraising concert for you. We have to get together and work out the details with you, Heather and Jacky.
I'll keep you informed on the progress.
Sending you and Heather my love.