Sunday, April 27, 2008

Staying Focus!

Hi friends,

Well I got some news, talked to UCSF transplant coordinator last Friday and basically before being sign up I need to complete one more stage that requires a few more tests, yes a few more test....bring it!

The The UCSF transplant team have a very meticulous protocol when it comes to dealing with patients such as I due to my condition. Sometimes Scleroderma patients may need special assessment on other organs specially the esophagus as at time we may develop some motility problems and reflux conditions. This need to be address before giving the flag for transplant as to know how critical it can be and how they need to approach finding the right therapy to solve any possible scenarios.

What happens here is that when you have motility problems the muscles of your esophagus do not move food properly down the tube to your stomach and then while having acid reflux aspiration can send some of those acids into your lungs. They want to avoid any of this from happening once you have a set of nice new lungs so I will be seeing gastroenterologist that can look into that area and discuss our options. Sometimes drugs can be helpful, sometimes a small procedure may be require.

I do have some small motility function problems on the upper track and some reflux however; I'm not experiencing as some severe cases do problems swallowing food. I'm pretty sure my problems can be control and treated and so the plan is to know exactly what to do.

I will also be seeing the cardiologist and taking a cardio Catheterization Test. I have also been instructed to get updates of a series of vaccines: Hepatitis A-B, Tetanus Shoot, Pneumonia, Skin TB test and Flu Shoot( to me this is kind of an indicative that....YES! I won't say it as I don't want to jinx anything but you know what I want to say....YES!) so I'm staying focus and moving towards my goal. I can't deny that I have moments of questioning my reality but spending time with my girls Kaya and Heather my will, my desire and in some very strange way my sense of duty(with this meaning I feel there's so much I need to do here) tells me it's going to be alright, I'm not done here yet and I know it's going to be tough but I will prevail and there for I need to keep my head up and aim my energy towards success. I have a busy week coming up but I'll stay on top of things and let you know more!

Rock on and Let's go Big!


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Sara said...

Rowan, we love you so much think about you all the time. You rock our world and we can't wait to see you next month. Much love, Sara, Paul & Dustin