Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cliche or Not; Music is Saving my Life!

In the midst of all keeping myself at peace and with a positive outlook has not been full of therapies and mental exercises; honestly I have a natural instinct in me that taps into the most basic needs. Sound is one of those needs and the music in me is more than ever wanting to come out. Although I have had to put things in hold due to my condition I was lucky enough to have had recorded quite a bit of those sounds last year that by now I can find myself with plenty to do behind a mixing board.I want to send a big shout out to my brother, partner in crime and music producer Juan Manuel Caipo for enabling me to keep creative; for all his love, guidance, patience and amazing talent.

"Quattro [4]" is a music project I envision in late 2006. A few years ago while I picked up a cuatro( not pun intended ; but pun intended) which is a traditional Venezuelan four string guitar I started teaching myself some Simon Diaz tunes and just kind of brisking through cords while strumming wildly suddenly I felt I could write some original stuff keeping the integrity of the instrument and so I began exploring. I started pouring myself into it. One thing led to the next and everything was in front of me. Of about tent songs 4 of them became the pinnacle of what would become "Quattro" and over all what this number started to represent. I live my life passionately by my four senses; touch, smell,taste and site. April of last year Kaya had turn 4 and towards the end of the year my brother Arnoldo had passed away; he was just 46. He was the 4Th of six kids me being the 5Th.

By now this number has taking a special and profound meaning and these four songs definitely carry a special sentiment. Not all the final mixes are done but as I get closer I want to share then with you. I hope they inspire you and take you places. I want to thank everyone that has send me their words of love and support; you guys rock and make me want to keep on rockin'. Take a listen jimenezmuzik

Stay in touch!

One Love, Rowan

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redmontster said...

Rowan: Our hearts are with you. Congratulations on your daughter's birthday and on Quattro.