Saturday, May 24, 2008

We are all Busy!

Hello There,

Believe it or not just because I'm going through what I'm going through does not mean I can also get lost in my own selfish patterns of what I think is important to me and just go about doing that and nothing else. Well is a bit more complicated for me I guess, as one of those things I've been doing a lot is taking it easy. Yep just straight up taking it easy. Rest is provably one of those things I need to do the most these days and I have to be creative in the many ways I go about it. Yeah I've been watching some TV, I won't lie is really easy to lay down and chill but man what happen to TV is crazy!

How many reality shows can possibly exist? I even have fantasize of pitching my own reality show. I mean I'm not looking for my flavor of love, don't want to become a Latin Rap Star(they haven't pitch this one yet..they got Viva Hollywood; the search for the newest soap opera Latino Star host by Maria Conchita Alonzo....Ay Dios mio!!!!), my pets are well behave, don't need a super nanny, don't need to go to rehab. I really need to think this one; what would I call my reality show? Let see; Looking for my 9Th life? Fat Chance, Iron Lung, Spare a Breath.....see I have lots time in my hands while I'm resting these days. I love the animal channel too and find the Soup to be hilarious.

Any how; the catheterization exam went well. It was quite an experience and was definitely a bit painful. The results were good, not clogged arteries, nice working valves, and the pressure on the right side of my heart was not significantly severe that it would be in any way a cause of trouble for diminishing my chances of candidacy. I believe we are looking really good. Regarding my esophagus, the doctor explained to me that the best way to go about it would be via surgery. At this point I need to wait for the medical team to met and discuss whether this will be done prior or after transplant.

The other day I got really exited as I received a box from the Immunogenetics Transplant Lab requesting a sample of my blood by not later than June 10Th. A small note in it read: This is in order to to consider you for any lung offers we may receive in your behalf. I called and ask my transplant coordinator what did that meant and was I officially accepted it in the club?

As they getting you pretty close to enter the list they start collecting these samples on the monthly basis as it can not be older that a month in order to find the appropriate match. Again to me this is only an indicative that I'm closer that ever and the thought of it has me very exited but again; I must remain focus and keep my mind in check as there's still lot of hard work ahead.Thanks for hanging in there I
hope all is well.

PS: Let's think about that name eh; think reality mets documentary...that would be a good way to make some funds and create awareness!!

One Love, Rowan

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